Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I’m baaaack

I recently decided I want to start posting less on other social media accounts. 
So here I am. 
I figure very few, if any, people still follow me here
 and it’s a way to still have my photos show up in time hop.

On Friday evening we attended Angleton's homecoming game. 
To be completely honest, I'm not really a football fan 
and I can't really keep up with the game, haha. 
But there's just something about that small town feel of a high school game. 

On Saturday we went to a local Food Truck fest. 
So fun and so delicious.

From before school yesterday.

Lola got to attend a wedding with her Welo and Mrs. Juanita yesterday. 
She really never gets to do stuff on her own without her siblings so she had a blast!

 These two kinda missed her though!

My pretty baby before school this morning. 
Can't believe she'll be 8 soon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Christmas Eve

I spent the early part of the day cleaning so that we could enjoy our time and not be stressed over the state of the house. Then we went to my mom's and had a delicious meal and the kids opened their presents. It was simple and fun and relaxing, exactly what a family get together should be. 

Our evening was spent making beignets for Santa, Christmas pjs, eating sugar cookies, reading stories, and listening to Christmas music. I just love making these memories with my family. Years from now when the kids are thinking back on their childhood, they won't remember the specific toys they received, they'll remember these small little traditions. And hopefully pass them on to their own children. 

And because I can never resist...

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Christmas Train

A somewhat nearby church hosts a yearly event called The Christmas Train. While there, kids can write and mail letters to Santa, have story time with Mrs Claus, take a picture with Santa, an,d of course, ride the train, which takes you through the Christmas lit story of Jesus. It was all really cute and the kids definitely enjoyed it. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015


A couple weeks ago, we took a day trip to Gruene, TX. Luis had to drop something off in Austin, so we decided to let the girls skip school for the day and to make it a family trip. We didn't tell Olivia; we just got her ready for the day as usual. The look on her face when she realized she wasn't going was priceless!

Gruene is a small, historical part of New Braunfels. And while Luis and I have driven through many times, we have never stopped. This time we wanted to explore the many shops and restaurants. 

We ate at the famous Gristmill restaurant and it was as delicious as I had hoped. We stopped for ice cream at the General store and got lattes from the local coffee shop. 

Two weeks later and I still can't stop thinking about our time there. 

Before heading home, we drove through Santa's Ranch, which was basically just a huge field of Christmas lights. The girls loved it and then all three kids slept the whole 4 hour drive home. 

I throw the world "tradition" around a lot, but this is one we have decided we need to make stick.