Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Never wear white shoes to work.

Last week I had a little episode at work and practically spilled a whole bowl of color on my 3 week old white TOMS.

At 44 bucks, I couldn't just bring myself to throw them away. I tried bleaching them. It got out some of the color, but there was still an ugly tan stain across the shoe. So, I went to Walmart, found some dye, and came home to give it a try.

The right shoe is still a little darker than the left, but heck, I'm happy. I had purchased red dye and they're more of an orange, but they shrank a bit from washing in hot water, so I didn't want to risk trying to get them a darker red.

Anyway, lessoned learned. When you're a hair stylist, never wear white shoes to work.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that sucks so much! I think you did a really awesome job of saving them though- kudos to you for being creative and not having to throw them away.