Friday, March 25, 2011

Wedding Ideas

These are by no means definites, just some pictures that I like :)

 I absolutely love this! Of course, my hair is no where near this long, so if I choose a hairstyle like this, I'll definitely have to look into extentions. 

 Just smaller :)


krimsonblue said...

I got my dress at the Limited, and it was less than $200! Plus, if you order it online, you can usually find a discount code. When I ordered mine, I found one for 20% off. :)

Also, if you want some wedding magazines, I have a TON that I don't want to just throw away.

Arre=) said...

I love the dress in that last pic!! You have the perfect body type for that style.

Brittany Holden said...

Makayla did similar centerpieces to that, but she used a different flower (the name escaped my brain at the moment). They turned out super cute!