Thursday, April 28, 2011

This week...

Is totally dragging for me. Anyone else feel the same? One bright spot in our week has been our newest member of our household!

This is Abby! She was my grandma's basset hound, but since they're downsizing and moving into an apartment, she has come to live with us. Olivia LOVES her. The first thing she says every morning when I wake her up is "wow wow?" That's what she calls dogs, ha. It's been a great transition so far. 

 My house is a wreck because I've been way busier than normal. My dad had spine surgery on Tuesday, so I've been going up to Houston (over an hour drive for us one way) every day. Here's a few pictures of Olivia at the hospital.

Laughing at Daddy.

Olivia had a blast while we were there. Running around like a crazy and climbing on the stairs that patients use to strengthen their legs. 

When we got home yesterday all we wanted to do was sit outside and relax! And that's just what we did. We spend a lot of time outside, so with the busy-ness of the past couple days that's exactly what we needed.
Trying to get some sun!

She was writing on my legs with chalk.

Even Abby needed to relax outside :)

After a while we went across the street and Olivia got to play with Aaron. When I was pregnant, I had hoped they would be close, but I had no idea they would be a close as they are! I love it. When we're at home Olivia is always asking for Aaron and Isaiah. 

There are two seats in the wagon, but they wanted to sit together.

And finally, this is Olivia with her crazy bed head and huge smile because she got to see her wow wow.

Here's to hoping today and tomorrow slow down a bit and life can return to it's normal pace! I don't do well when my routine is interrupted :)

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