Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yesterday was a fun filled day for Olivia. Her friend (and future husband,) Camden, came and spent most of the day with us. They interacted so well. I was so proud! Camden will soon be spending every Wednesday with us, so it was fun to have a test run!

Cooking in Olivia's kitchen :)

Grubbin' on some watermelon.

Playing outside.
After Camden left, Olivia's cousins, Aaron and Isaiah, came over for a bit. She's always excited when they're around.

Aaron and Olivia. Tried to get Isaiah in but he would't cooperate.

The three youngest cousins.

For dinner we went to a local taco stand. I had a delicious baked potato that Olivia and I shared. We sat outside and got to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather we've been having.

During dinner. Cutest kids ever? Ha!
We ended the night like every other night, with a bubble bath. Only this time, Olivia couldn't wait to get it. I started her water and then went to the living room to grab something. When I came back, she was already in the tub, shoes and all!

Have a good weekend, y'all!

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