Thursday, June 9, 2011

My best friend.

There's no one like her.

We both love to wear our hair messy.

And we have the same sense of style.

We love to paint our toenails the same color.

We both love to read.

Our favorite food is cheese. And we drink a lot of milk.

Being in our bathing suits, in water, is one of our favorite pastimes.

We love to dance crazy to the radio and we never judge the other person's moves.

Neither of us ever stops talking. Ever.

We like to match.

And we looove to watch TV in bed.

We share lotion, perfume, and sometimes even makeup.

We're weird. And no one really understands us, but that's ok.

If everyone else were to ditch me, I know I could count on her to sit on the couch with me and watch Fox and the Hound 2 over and over again.

She's my soulmate.

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