Tuesday, July 5, 2011

20 months and 4th of July.

Today, my beautiful baby girl turned 20 months old. It's hard to believe that she's only been in my life for 20 months and she's completely changed my whole world. 

At 20 months, Olivia likes:

Cats! She loves all off them, even animals that appear to look like cats, like skunks...

Her favorite movies are still Fox and the Hound 2 and Lilo and Stitch, but we've also added Cars.

Her favorite foods are toast with jelly, fruit loops, apples, and oranges (which she also calls apples.)

She loves water and loves to be in a pool. She has no fear of the water. She'll even try to count on her fingers before she jumps in to us.

She is so tan! The Mexican in her is definitely showing during the summer time. 

Her vocabulary is still growing daily. Some new words are:
Vroom vroom (car)
Wushdat (what's that?)
Dulk (milk)
Cucu (cookie)
Talk (chalk)
Hugh (hurt)
Woah (hello)
and she's referring to so many more family members by name.

She started daycare today. She was so excited when we went in and she was referring to all of the kids as "bebies." Which some of the older ones weren't so happy about, haha. They told me she didn't even cry after I left. The only time she cried was when she first woke up from her nap. I don't know if it was just that she was cranky or waking up in an unfamiliar place. When I came to pick her up I snuck in and watched her play for a few minutes. Once she saw me she took me to see some of the toys she had been playing with. She got upset when one of the little boys tried to give me a hug. She pushed him away and said, "my momma!" Ha. She waved at everyone as we were leaving. I asked her if she had a good day at school and she gave me a big nod, her way of saying yes. I asked if she made new friends and she gave me another big nod. I'm so relieved that she did so well.

We had a very relaxing July 4th, yesterday. We were all tired from the vacation and ended up sleeping until 11am! Even Olivia who went to bed at 10pm the night before. 13 hours of sleep! Once we got up and dressed we headed to my grandparents's house to swim and eat lots of fruit. 

Afterwards, Olivia went home with my dad so that Luis and I could go see Transformers 3 with Luis's brother's family. We loved and haven't really stopped talking about it since! We thought there weren't going to be any fireworks because of the burn ban, but it turns out they had them last night at 9. Oh well, there's always next year!

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