Monday, July 4, 2011


Sorry I haven't written much lately. We just got back from a 4 day vacation yesterday. Luis's family goes on a vacation every summer. This year we went to Concan, on the Frio River. We all rented a big house that sleeps 24 people! Luis, Olivia, and I got our own room with three beds and our own bathroom. There was a huge living room and dining room area, and a big outdoor patio area, as well as a pool, an area to play horseshows, and a sand volleyball court.

Olivia loved the pool! She has no fear of the water, which is kind of terrifying for me! She would even jump in for us. And she got so tan! The picture above is only from our second day there, so by the end of the trip, she was much darker.

I loved watching all the kids interact while we were there. Olivia loved having her cousins around 24/7. And since we've been back, she's been asking for them constantly.

On Friday we went to Garner State Park. It was a lot of fun! We weren't able to float the Frio because the water was too low in a lot of parts, but at the park they still had some deep places. The men were even able to swing off a rope and jump in. None of them were able to touch, so it must have been pretty deep! Olivia loved sitting on the bank and throwing rocks in the water. 

The women on the trip! On the far left is Luis's oldest sister, Erica. Then his other sister, Maria. Then his mom, sister in law, Angie, and myself.

This is the kids at breakfast on our last full day there. I loved that I could always find the five of them together! We were only missing Isaiah. But next year, him and his new little brother will be tagging along, too :)

The night before we left, Luis and I were playing with Olivia and swinging her. He had one arm and I had the other. One of her hands slipped, she didn't even fall, but apparently her arm was jerked a little too hard. She just kept crying and crying and saying, "Ow! Daddy!" She kept grabbing the same part of her arm so we knew something was wrong. We drove 30 minutes to the nearest hospital and took her into the ER. By that time, she had completely stopped using her right arm, so we were a little freaked out. After waiting for almost 2 hours, we finally had x-rays done. And then we had to wait another hour or so for the results. She had no broken bones or fractures! Just a sprained elbow. (I didn't even know you could sprain elbows!) They put a splint on her, gave her some motrin, and sent us home. 

This is her the next morning. She thought it was hilarious to take the cotton out of her splint and put it in her ears. We were able to take off the splint last night. She's obviously better now because when we ask her where it hurts she points at the other arm trying to get us to feel sorry for her, haha. Little stinker.

We had planned to stay an extra night at get a room in the San Marcos area and try to float the river there, but I think everyone was just ready to get home at that point. We had a great time and decided that we're going to start making it an annual trip. 

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We did. I'll write about that tomorrow since I haven't had a chance to upload those pictures yet. Tomorrow is also Olivia's first day of daycare :)

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