Thursday, September 15, 2011

Catching up: 22 months, fall, life.

I haven't blogged in forever! Life has been a little crazy lately. Good, but crazy :)

First and foremost, Olivia turned 22 months on September 5th. I cannot believe my baby will be 2 in a month and a half. Omg! She's growing up way too fast.

She's so much fun and incredibly hilarious. Everything I would have ever wanted in a daughter. She's so smart that it blows my mind. She talks non-stop. She knows all of her colors now and is always pointing them out. When we're in the car I constantly hear, "Mama, yellow! Mama, orange!" She repeats her ABCs and can count to 4 on her own. She still loves animals and babies and loves to put hers "night night." She's always telling us she's "tarred" (scared) of something. She also has a hitting problem that I can't seem get out of her. She's started using the potty sometimes, but not often enough as far as I'm concerned! Ha!

We are so ready for fall around here. This summer's heat has been miserable! I'm getting into the season early with fall scented candles, hearty meals, and baked goods. Probably not such a good idea for the waist line, but at least cooler weather means more enjoyable jogs! I can't wait to take Olivia to the pumpkin patch and put up fall wreaths and scarecrows. 

Most people don't know yet, but I've recently become a stay at home mom again. I'm going back to school for a career that fits my schedule as a mother better. I just couldn't handle working weekends and evenings anymore. We took Olivia out of daycare and plan to enroll her in a pre-school come January and I'll be going to school during the time she's there. This is honestly the happiest I've been in a long time and I know I'm making the best decision for my family. Everything just feels "right."

I thought I had more to say on these topics, but I guess this will just be a short post. Until next time! :)

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