Sunday, September 25, 2011

My week in iPhone photos.

This is from my birthday last Sunday. We went to the photobooth at the mall :)

Olivia watching The Lion King and eating her popcorn like a big girl.

On Tuesday, Clarissa and Ashlyn came over with the kids. Olivia and Isaiah played in her room.

While the babies hung out with me on the floor.

Me and the babies.

Clarissa got married Thursday night, so Friday we had a little get together at her apartment to celebrate.

For Father's Day, I had bought Luis tickets for the Maroon 5 and Train concert. Yesterday was finally the day. This is me and one of the Train trailers, just because we didn't see the Maroon 5 one :)

We had lawn seats, but they were actually pretty good! We left after Maroon 5 because neither of us care for Train all that much and we wanted to get home to Olivia.

Hope everyone has an awesome week! :)

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