Thursday, September 22, 2011

Twenty three.

My twenty third birthday was Sunday. I celebrated with Luis and friends Saturday night. We decided to do something casual and just go to dinner. We had intended to go to BJ's in Pearland, but had forgotten about it being a fight night, so when I called to make reservations they said they had been booked for weeks. I called a few more places and no one was taking reservations, so we finally had to settle with Joe's Crab Shack, but it was delicious anyway!

One of my oldest bff's Brooke and me.

Cassie is one of my very best friends that I met at Paul Mitchell.

My sister-in-law Maria.

Me and my baby daddy.


Luis and his nephew Daniel.

Lance (Cassie's boyfriend), Luis, and Daniel.

One of my newest best friend's Clarissa and her husband Art.

Maria and her boyfriend Jose.

Cassie and Lance.

They dressed me up as a fairy.

And I had to sprinkle fairy dust over everyone...

My mom friends that keep me sane! Clarissa, Ashlyn, and me.

We spent my actual birthday doing the things we love to do. We woke up and went to a late breakfast and a local buffet. Then, we took Olivia to see the Lion King. She loved it! She has never sat that still during a movie. We visited my family and went grocery shopping and that was it! It was a great birthday and I officially feel old :)

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