Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween :)

Olivia was Strawberry Shortcake this year! And she made a pretty darn good one, if I may so say myself :)

We ended up just hanging out with the neighbors (aka Luis's family) and passed out candy. Olivia gave all the tu tuys (monsters) candy and had a blast eating it herself. 

I hope everyone had a fun and save Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011


We had a cold front come through last night. Unfortunately, it won't last, but for now, it's great to have some fall weather!

I've been waiting patiently for Olivia to be able to wear this denim jacket and the occasion finally came! I just love it with her black tights and boots!

Isaiah and Aaron spent a good chunk of the day with us. Olivia looooves her big cousins so she always has a good time with them. Luis was working on the car, so we took his work truck out and these three had to cram in the back seat. Haha.

Words can not even express how much I love Olivia's face in this picture. Priceless. She was really getting into it because the picture is totally posed; she doesn't even know how to drive the truck!

My big girl. Tomorrow marks one week until her second birthday. Seriously, where does the time go??

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

First of all, excuse the mess of my background right now. I started trying to change it up on my own, but I should have known better. I'm not all that bright when it comes to computer stuff, so hopefully I'll convince Luis to fix it up tonight!

These are actually a couple weeks old; I'm just now getting around to posting about it! We met Cherish and Camden at the local pumpkin patch and the kids had a blast. Olivia loves playing with "Nanden!" We were there for a good hour and a half, but Olivia and Camden never got tired of it!

They loved this wagon and Cherish had to pull them around the whole patch in it for pretty much the remainder of the time we spent there.

Isn't Camden just the cutest little dude ever?

We love fall so much! Unfortunately the mosquitos are HORRIBLE right now so we haven't been able to fully enjoy the outdoors. We're supposed to get a little cool front tonight, so hopefully that will get rid of them! 

We have almost everything we're going to need for Olivia's party. And we still have over a week to go! Luis and I are both such procrastinators, so we wanted to be sure to get a head start on her party this year. The only things we have left to do is get the food, pick up the pinata when it's finished, and buy the candy for the pinata once all the Halloween candy goes on sale! Ha. I'm so excited for how it'll turn out and I can't wait to share pictures!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fair time!

The county fair is something everyone around here looks forward to. People go shopping for new outfits and start saving their allowances and paychecks for weeks in advance.

This was Olivia's second time to the fair, but her first to actually be able to enjoy it.

We met Daniel and Ashlyn there along with their two boys, Isaiah and Zaiden. Olivia loved having a little playmate there with her and it was nice to be able to ride with another adult without having to leave the stroller behind unwatched. 

I think Olivia had a love/hate relationship with the farris wheel! She didn't have any desire to sit with Mama and that hurt my feelings, ha. 

These bubble things were so much fun!! Luis talked me into trying it first; unfortunately we didn't get any stills from that, but we did get video. It's so much harder than it looks! It was such a great workout though, if only our Texas weather wasn't so hot!

Isaiah and Olivia loved watching their daddys in the bubbles.

I'm not really that into football, but when Luis told me we were cheering for the Eagles this year, I was all for it. I've always wanted to get into the football thing, but I need someone to get me pumped first. We just happened to run across these shirts while shopping in Old Navy. And the Eagles won yesterday while we were wearing them :)

Cutest thing ever: Zaiden not giving a crap about the fair and sleeping the day away.... eyes covered and all. 

On another note- for those of you who know me, I've packed on some pounds in the last couple of  months. So not cute. I miss healthy Brittnee. Last week I decided to go back to vegetarianism and today was day 7. It's been great so far. I know me and my body still have some adjusting to do, but I'm feeling wonderful. One of the reasons I stopped was because I was worried about how I would do with a child that eats meat and me not eating it at all. Well, I guess I didn't have anything to worry about. Olivia is a little vegetarian. I know she's young and it might not be permanent, but at this point in her life, Olivia will not eat meat. For a little while she'd eat McDonald's chicken nuggets (talk about healthy...) but now she won't even eat those. I've been serving her meat for the past year and she never eats it! So it looks like we're doing this together. Don't worry, I make sure she and I both get plenty of protein. I can't wait to get the energy back that comes with being a vegetarian and not to mention shed a few pounds! :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dressing a girl- according to me.

I get mixed reactions from people about the way I dress Olivia. Some people love her outfits and say that she looks like a little adult. Others complain that I don't have a bow in her hair or that she looks like a little boy.

First of all, just because a girl is not in a pink dress does not mean that she's a boy! One time we were at the store and a woman told me how cute my little boy was. Olivia was wearing blue. I guess the lady didn't bother to notice her pierced ears.

I have this thing about dressing children. I think they should look like humans, not dolls. I don't purchase anything for Olivia that I wouldn't wear myself. I mean, who said that just because you have a girl you have to dress them in huge frilly dresses and bows as big as their heads? I don't get it. And don't get me started on cartoon character clothing. Toys are toys, not apparel.

Olivia's day to day clothing is usually jeans, tees, or casual dresses. I cannot stand pink shoes, so she wears "adult" shoes, like TOMS, Sperry's, or Vans in neutral colors (neutrals are my best friend!) She rarely has a bow in her hair. Mostly because she pulls them right out. And second, because I just don't like them. I'm a little more lenient with pajamas since she doesn't leave the house in them :)

I always hear people with boys say how much they wish they had a girl because girls have way cuter clothes. I don't get it! All I see in most girl sections are butterflies, stars, and Hello Kitty. Most stores seem to get the memo that little boys look cute in adult-like clothing, but they seem to think little should dress up in tutus and sparkles every day.

Don't even get me started on cotton shorts! :)