Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dressing a girl- according to me.

I get mixed reactions from people about the way I dress Olivia. Some people love her outfits and say that she looks like a little adult. Others complain that I don't have a bow in her hair or that she looks like a little boy.

First of all, just because a girl is not in a pink dress does not mean that she's a boy! One time we were at the store and a woman told me how cute my little boy was. Olivia was wearing blue. I guess the lady didn't bother to notice her pierced ears.

I have this thing about dressing children. I think they should look like humans, not dolls. I don't purchase anything for Olivia that I wouldn't wear myself. I mean, who said that just because you have a girl you have to dress them in huge frilly dresses and bows as big as their heads? I don't get it. And don't get me started on cartoon character clothing. Toys are toys, not apparel.

Olivia's day to day clothing is usually jeans, tees, or casual dresses. I cannot stand pink shoes, so she wears "adult" shoes, like TOMS, Sperry's, or Vans in neutral colors (neutrals are my best friend!) She rarely has a bow in her hair. Mostly because she pulls them right out. And second, because I just don't like them. I'm a little more lenient with pajamas since she doesn't leave the house in them :)

I always hear people with boys say how much they wish they had a girl because girls have way cuter clothes. I don't get it! All I see in most girl sections are butterflies, stars, and Hello Kitty. Most stores seem to get the memo that little boys look cute in adult-like clothing, but they seem to think little should dress up in tutus and sparkles every day.

Don't even get me started on cotton shorts! :)


Arre=) said...

I think your kiddo is adorable! I used to be one of those I wish I had a girl people but I love dressing up Zach. He looks like a little gentleman. And if I had a little girl, she would look like a little lady and not like cotton candy with a kitty on the front and a bow on top. Keep doing what you are doing mama.

Brittnee said...

Thank you! I love the way you dress Zach as well :)