Thursday, November 17, 2011

iPhone Dump

During Sunday Dinner last week, Luis snuck off and hung out with the kids.

I straightened Olivia's hair the other day! It's crazy how long it actually is when it doesn't have her normal wave to it. Unfortunately, it was really humid that day, so it didn't last long at all.

I made Quiche on Monday! This was my first attempt (and my first time ever trying it at all) and it was amazing! It's a new family favorite for us. Olivia even loved it because she thought it was pizza! Ha. I'll have to post a recipe soon :)

We got some rain this week, thank God! Olivia and I watched it forever. She loves the "watey."

There's a small park only about three blocks from our house, so we walk there a couple times a week. Olivia loves it and it's a good way for me to force myself to exercise. Ha.

I made Ratatouille for dinner tonight. The recipe needs some tweaking, so once I have it down, I'll post it. It was pretty good, though. 

Have a good weekend! It's gonna be a busy one for us. Shopping, a birthday party, an engagement party, and then just our normal weekend festivities :)

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