Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy List

10 things that are making me terribly happy these days:

  1. Olivia's imagination. I just love hearing her in her room, "Oh no! Shark is coming!!" 
  2. Coffee. I'm sooo addicted! My last thought before bed is usually along the lines of- "I can't wait to wake up and smell/drink my coffee in the morning..." :)
  3. My amazingly amazing fiancé, who just happens to be my best friend.
  4. Finishing up our 2011 Christmas cards to mail tomorrow. Really, didn't I JUST send out last years?
  5. My silver Christmas tree with all the silver presents underneath. 
  6. A busy busy week that's keeping me on my toes and making house cleaning oh so difficult.
  7. Noticing Olivia gets her weirdness from me.
  8. Michael Buble's Christmas album that I play as often as I can between Wonder Pets and Spongebob episodes.
  9. Going shopping for new boots and cardigans soon with the money my daddy sent me for Christmas.
  10. Meeting up with my high school bff's for the first time since high school. So much fun!  And so weird that we're all real adults now.

Kaysie, Olivia, me, Brittany, Brooke, and Kayla

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