Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I got to talking with a friend of mine about Christmas traditions today, so I thought I'd share mine. Some we are even starting this year, so maybe this will help me remember them for next year.  :)

  • Putting up our tree the day after Thanksgiving while listening to Christmas music. (We just downloaded the new Michael Buble Christmas album- love it!)
  • Going to my mom's and helping her and my sister put up their tree and baking Christmas cookies. 
  • Taking Olivia to have her picture taken with Santa. So far we have a sleeping Olivia (she was 7 weeks old) and a crying Olivia. Maybe we'll get a good one this year!
  • Driving around and looking at Christmas lights. We've done this every year, but this year Olivia finally got to enjoy it. The whole time she was saying, "Mama, pretty lights!" We'll be doing that again before Christmas for sure.
  • Shopping for and wearing Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve.
  • Baking cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. This year we're making Nutella cookies. So exciting!
  • Leija Girls Slumber Party. This year will be the first, but hopefully it'll be an ongoing tradition. All the girls on Luis's side of the family are getting together for a sleep over. Lots of holiday foods and wine and no children.
  • Secret Santa. In case it hasn't been noticed, Luis's family is huge. Just the immediate family, no aunts, uncles, or cousins included, make for over 20 people. Every year at Thanksgiving we draw names for a Secret Santa gift. And now that there are so many kids, they drew names too. 

Olivia by Wela's tree

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