Saturday, December 17, 2011

Perfect start to the weekend!

Another busy, fun day! We started it off with Mexican food at a local restaurant. Our family eats Mexican food at least once for breakfast every weekend.

After breakfast, Olivia and I headed to Maria's classroom to help with their Christmas party. Olivia basically just looked cute and showed off to all the little girls while I made 100+ grilled cheese.

Maria's classroom pets. Groooosss.

Then we decided to pick up some Chick fil a and meet Ashlyn and the boys at the park. It ended up being much colder out there than we anticipated, so we didn't stay long, but Olivia and Isaiah enjoyed what time they did have.

We ended our day like every Friday should end. With pizza. I was really craving California Pizza Kitchen, but since we didn't feel like making an hour drive, and we were too lazy to leave the house anyway, we settled for Domino's. Mine was spinach and cheddar and it was delicious!

And I can't leave out the best part of our day. We added two new family members to our household. Our plan has been to get Olivia a kitten from Santa so we took a visit to the SPCA today. Well, turns out they were having a "buy one get one free" deal on kittens. Seriously. I had no idea the SPCA had sales. Olivia got her Christmas present early and it looks like Santa is going to have to find a new gift.


Luis and I knew we wanted Jack right away. And Olivia has claimed Oz at hers. Jack is so playful and loves to cuddle already, while Oz is more of the scaredy cat. But we're loving them both so much. As I'm typing, Jack in asleep on one couch with Luis and Oz is curled up with me on the other. 

Yay for weekends!

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