Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I really miss old school Myspace. So I'm going to do one of those "25 things about me" posts. Remember those?? Oh, the good ol' days. Except I'm only going to do 15. Ha!

15 amazingly awesome things about me and my life:

1. I love coffee dates. It doesn't matter if they're dates with my fiancé, my friends, or just at the table with Olivia in the morning. Coffee just seems to bring people together. Or is that just me?

2. I wear dull, boring clothing. I'm working on adding more color to my wardrobe lately. It's seriously 3/4 full of black, white, and gray.

3. I admire people that collect things. I don't collect anything. Seriously. Zip. Unless scarves count?

4. I can't think of anything more fulfilling for my life than having lots of babies and grandbabies. What's life without those you love to share it with?

5. I'm not a vegetarian because I'm an animal rights activist. I just hate knowing how many chemicals are in the meat. I know I could just buy organic/free range/grass fed, but there aren't many options down here, so it's easier to just go without. Oh, and I make an occasional exception for sushi.

6. I'm very picking about the way I dress Olivia, if that hasn't been obvious already. I dread her birthday and Christmas a little because I know people are going to buy her clothing I don't approve of. The way I see it, children are humans, not dolls. Save Elmo and Hello Kitty for the toy box.

7. I love pets. They really and truly are part of the family.

8. Luis and I are really laid back about pretty much everything. And from what I can tell, we're happier than most of the couples we know because of it. We just choose not to stress about much.

9. I love going out to eat. It's not that I hate cooking, because I don't. It's just so much fun to get dressed up and go to a restaurant. Plus, you're forced to actually sit together and talk longer because it takes time to get your food out to you.

10. I try to drink a cup of green tea every day.

11. I don't give up on my friends. Ever. If you were ever a friend of mine, I still consider you one and would love to hang out with you. Holla atcha gurl. Jk.

12. I'm a huge quality time person. That's how I show people I care, by spending my time with them. So I take it very personally when people cancel plans or just don't put an effort into seeing me. I think it took a lot of adjusting for Luis because he is sooo not like that.

13. I picture myself about 20 pounds heavier than I actually am. I always end up buying clothes in a size larger than what I need and have to take it back and exchange it for the next size down. I'd probably save myself a lot of hassle if I just tried clothes on in the store. Whoops.

14. I wish I lived in a town where it was normal to walk and ride bikes to get to your destination. Here, people just think you're too poor to afford a car. Haha!

15. I really cannot believe I'm 23. When did this happen?? I'm a real adult, with a real child, planning a wedding, and have a house to maintain. I still feel like I'm 17.

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