Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekend recap.

This weekend seriously flew by. Ugh.
But it was a good one!

Friday Luis and I took Olivia to school and then ran a bunch of errands. That evening I finally (finally!!!!) got a new iPhone. Guys, I haven't had a new one since 2008. I could only talk on speaker and part of the screen was going out so I could click on anything in the upper middle of it. Anyway, after that we took our niece and nephew (along with Olivia, of course) to Cherry Berry, our local self serve frozen yogurt bar. We hadn't been since summer so it was a nice little treat. We finished the night by watching The Adventures of Tintin in 3D. Olivia was not thrilled.

Saturday morning we went to Luis's mom's and I made everyone breakfast. We were lazy for most of the rest of the day and went to Luis's brother's to watch the game that evening. We had too much fun making all his kids look like men. Seriously, all the Leija's look so much alike.

Today we just had a late breakfast, watched Breaking Dawn during Olivia's nap time and then got ready for our first Sunday dinner of the year.

Excuse the messed up order of the pictures. It's not letting me fix it. Bleh.

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life & times of me said...

Did you watch breaking dawn at home?