Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tea Party

We had Maria's tea party themed bridal shower last weekend. It was so much fun and I'm honored to have helped set it up. Here are a few pictures taken by Innovations Photography.


I just want to do a little update on Olivia because she's seriously saying so much right now that I don't want to forget. She cracks me up.

First of all, she has a favorite song. We are Young by Fun. Omg, does she love it. She refers to it as the "fire song" and yells it at the top of her longs. Last week or so, we were listening to it in the truck and then when we came inside Luis put it on again. Olivia gasped, "fire song in my house?!"

We have spent the past year trying to teach Olivia her name. And for the past year she has only responded with "me." Well, we finally got her to start saying it, and in the same day, she took it a step further and says her first and last name. She's so proud to be We-yah Way-ha. Tonight, she even told me, "Knock knock." I said, "Who's there?" "We-yah Way-ha." Ha.

Something she's been doing lately is singing about colors. It's not uncommon to hear in our house, "I love piiiiink. I love purrrrple!"

Olivia also loves for us to reverse roles. She'll be the mama and I'll be the baby. She asks me what I want and I'm supposed to respond with a bottle or goldfish or something. The other day she asked me what I wanted and I told her cereal and she responded, "Hang on, I'm cleaning!" Oh, and she came up to me (while digging in her pockets) "I have no monies, baby. I have no monies."

Yesterday, I told her we were going to see Cam because it was Cherish's birthday and we were going to her party. She looked at me so seriously and said, "We get her present? We get her cupcake?" Nice to know she knows what birthdays are all about.

I could go on and on. And I realize this stuff may not be so cute or funny for others, but I'm loving it and don't want to forget it. This is such a hard age (forizzle, people are not lying about the terrible twos) but the cute stuff she says almost makes up for it. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter :)

We had such a good Easter this year. Saturday night we were at Luis's sister's crawfish boil, so we didn't get home until really late. Consequently, we slept in too late for church on Sunday (oops!) but we did meet family for a late breakfast.

My family didn't do anything this Easter, so we met Luis's at his mom's house. Luis cooked steaks and baked potatoes on the grill and the kids had an Easter egg hunt. We finished the evening with a couple episodes of The Walking Dead. It was a really laid back, enjoyable Easter.

Hope everyone else had a good Easter, too!