Thursday, June 14, 2012


1. She's obsessed with superheroes lately. We play this game that she made up where we're both superheroes fighting (complete with "hi-ya!" noises) when suddenly one of us "dies." The other person has to dramatically try to save the dying superhero by saying "Oh, superhero. Are you ok, superhero?" Then the superhero comes to life and we switch. This happens every single night.

2. Because of this superhero obsession, we were able to get her to eat her carrots last night. We told her they would give her eyes like a superhero. She ate her carrots and then looked in the mirror all night long, making the craziest faces, so she could see her "superhero eyes."

3. She has a favorite everything. It cracks me up. "This is my favorite toy." "This is my favorite movie."

4. She also uses the word "delicious" a lot now.

5. She has a new found love of baking and is constantly asking to make muffins, cupcakes, pancakes, you name it.

6. She recently started calling Luis "dada" again for the first time since she was, like, 10 months old. 

This girl is a trip. Seriously. But I'm so glad she's mine.