Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day

We stayed up really late Christmas Eve 
(but who doesn't?) so I set an alarm to wake
us up at 8am.

I woke up, put some apple bread in the
oven and then set out to conquer the 
task of waking up Luis and Olivia.

This was Olivia's biggest Christmas yet,
from us, anyway. Maybe it's the fact that
it's her last Christmas as our only
child, but we went a little overboard
compared to previous years.
It was completely worth it though, because she 
loved everything.

After we opened our gifts at home,
we got ready and headed to my mom's.
It only took about 5 minutes of us
being there before Olivia convinced them
to let her open her gifts there. 

From there, we went to my grandma's
and exchanged Secret Santa gifts with the
extended family. And then off to Luis's 
family's for more food and movies.

It was such a laid back and relaxing 
Christmas. The only down fall was that 
Olivia and I have been a little under
the weather. But nevertheless,
probably one of my favorite Christmas'
yet. And to think, we'll have double the 
fun next year when little Lola joins
our family. :)

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