Thursday, January 10, 2013


Watching: Pretty much nothing lately. None of our favorite shows are on at the moment. Occasionally, Luis and I will end the night with a movie IF Olivia goes to bed at a decent time. (Unfortunately bedtime has been all over the place since Christmas festivities.) We've recently watched Lawless, Killer Joe, and Savages, all of which I've really enjoyed. 

Thinking about: A million or so things. Mostly just how blessed I am. Really. I feel so incredibly lucky to be where I am in life right now. I have the opportunity to stay at home with my girls and raise them myself, something I never even thought I wanted to do. I have the most supportive husband who does so much for us and never complains. We have a house, that even though it isn't perfect, we've been able to add our own little touches that make it ours. I'm just so happy with where our lives are right now.

Listening to: John Mayer/Jack Johnson Pandora stations. I'm pretty boring when it comes to music and don't change it up much. 
Excited about: Lola! How is it that I'm 29 weeks tomorrow?! This pregnancy has seriously flown by. I can't believe I'm 10ish weeks away from meeting my baby girl. We're going to Babies R Us this weekend to get a lot of the newborn necessities and I can't wait! 

Reading:  One of my resolutions was to read more, and I've definitely put in an effort. I've had Water for Elephants lying around for a while now. I had started it when I first bought it, but for some reason never fully got into it. I'm currently 3 chapters in and it's getting pretty good. I mostly just have to make sure that I make the time daily to read it. Hopefully, with Olivia in school now, her schedule will get a little more regular and I'll have my evenings back!

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