Friday, January 25, 2013


Our handsome Jack

Watching: Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. I'll admit it, sometimes I like ridiculous reality TV shows and the Kardashians just happen to be one of those. I watch every single season, you know all 5 that come on every year. And I love it. I'm not ashamed. Honestly, I'm just glad one of my shows is back on. I've been so tired of watching football 24/7. 

Thinking about: How incredibly lucky and in love I am. I don't like to say stuff like that often, because I feel like people that are always gushing about their significant other are trying to make up for something that's lacking somewhere in the relationship, you know? But I really am just so happy. Luis and I have never been in a better place. I feel so blessed to be able to hang out with my best friend every day and that we just totally get each other, because honestly, we're so weird and I doubt anyone else would appreciate all the weirdness we both have to offer, so it's nice to have each other. Ha. Not to mention he's such a good daddy to Olivia and I know Lola is going to love him just as much as her sister does.

Listening to: Regina Spektor stations on Pandora and Songza. I've heard her newest album is really good for a while, but I'm far too cheap and too lazy to download it, so this will do for now. :)
Excited about: The weekend! It should be a good one. At some point we're hoping to take Olivia fishing since she's been begging us for a couple days now. She's never been, so I don't know why she's interested all of a sudden, but it should be a fun experience for her. We're also going to the Houston auto show on Saturday morning and then we have a birthday party for one of Olivia's little friends on Sunday.

Reading:  Still reading Water for Elephants. I haven't put a huge dent in it, but it is getting better. I went to the library this morning after dropping Olivia off at school, hoping to pick up a new book, but they're closed on Fridays. I had no idea. Most random thing ever.

Eating:  We're trying to get back to eating healthier. I'm normally all about eating healthy and make it a huge priority, but pregnancy does crazy things to me. I hate that I eat like crap when I'm pregnant. We went grocery shopping last night and got lots of fruits and veggies, so hopefully I can get back to my old habits before baby comes!

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