Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First day.

Olivia had her first day at her new preschool today.
I promise she was actually very excited, 
despite the crazy pictures. (She insists on making "funny faces.")
I was a little anxious because Olivia is such a mama's girl.
The first two weeks of her last school, 
she screamed and cried for me the whole time I was walking 
out the door.
This morning, I just told her I'd be back and gave her a kiss
and all she said was, "Ok, bye mom."
Is it horrible that I'm a little sad that she wasn't sad? Ha.
Luis and I picked her up and she told us about how she made us a Snowman
and about how a little boy wouldn't let her ride the bicycle, too. Haha.
It sounded like she had a good first day and I'm so thrilled.
I really think we're going to love this school.

We took her to lunch to celebrate her first day.
She even got ice cream before her meal. 
Lucky girl. ;)

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