Sunday, January 13, 2013

Girls night out!

Me, Brittany, Kaysie, and Brooke

This past Monday I was able to get together with 
my high school best friends (only missing Lauren!)
and I'm so glad we made the time!
Brittany has been living in Italy the past 3 years
and now they're finally back in Texas for good,
although they'll be living in Ft. Worth.
Kaysie and her husband recently moved to Odessa.
And Brooke is in law school in San Antonio.
So the fact that we were all "home" at the same time 
was pretty exciting. 
We met at Gringo's in Pearland, Brittany's choice.
We talked until we were literally the last customers there
(our poor waitress) and then decided to take the party
to IHOP for some hot chocolate and more catching up.
6 hours went by way too quickly.
Luis is an angel for taking care of Olivia so that I could
enjoy the night kid-free. 
I don't get many of those unless they're family related.
I didn't get home until after 3am! 3!!!
But it was so so nice. 
And I even came home to a clean house, dishes included.

Bathroom picture for old time's sake. 

I'm glowing, literally. 

Hopefully these get togethers happen more often
now that we're all in the same state!

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