Thursday, January 3, 2013


I'm not much for resolutions, 
yet I always tend to make some.
I decided to keep them doable
this year, in hopes of actually keeping
them, so we'll see in a few months.

Number 1: 
Read more. I looove to read
but there just doesn't seem to be enough
time in the day anymore. 
I can only imagine how much more
difficult it will be once Lola 
is here. But I'm going to make a conscious 
effort to try. I'm thinking at least one
book a month is a good start.

Number 2:
Find more joy in the every day things.
I'm very guilty of living in the future. 
There's always something I "can't wait"
for and am constantly day-dreaming
of things to come. I want to focus more
on enjoying the right here and now. 
Maybe even record those joyful 
moments in a journal.

Number 3:
I want to take more family walks.
It's always something I enjoy. Fresh air,
catching up for the day with Luis; 
they just make my heart happy. 
So my goal is to go out for a walk every 
evening that weather and our schedules allow.

And that's it. Certainly accomplishable, I think.

PS- the picture of Olivia is from last week when we 
attempted to take her ice skating. 
That didn't go over so well.
She kept talking about the scene from
Rise of the Guardians, when Jack
falls through the ice. 
Talk about terrifying for a 3 year old.

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