Friday, February 1, 2013

Mama and Livi: A Day in the Life

My days as a mother of one will be coming to an end
in just two short months.
(Or less!)
I figure my whole world is going to rocked,
in a good way, I know.
But I really want to remember how Olivia and I spent our
days before little sister joins the crew.
I documented our entire day yesterday
and it was a typical no school day for us.

8:00 AM - We woke up and cuddled. 
8 is later than we're normally up because I try to make
breakfast for Luis every morning.
(Sorry, babe.)
I had gone to Olivia's room some time during the early morning 
and didn't hear Luis's alarm go off.

8:30 AM - We made breakfast together.
It was just eggs and oatmeal, but Olivia loves to mix everything together for me.

9:00 AM - We sit down to eat.
Olivia watches cartoons while I check my phone, blogs, etc
and while I finish my coffee.

9:30 AM - We sit on the couch and finish 
watching whatever cartoons are on. 
Gotta let our food digest, you know? ;)

10:00 AM - I start cleaning up from breakfast.
Wash dishes, wipe down the table, and pick up any mess Luis left from the night before
while Olivia begs me to play with her the whole time.

10:30 AM - Olivia and I play her Minnie Mouse memory game.
We put out all 72 pieces and I'm amazed she's so good at it.

11:00 AM - Then we read her library books.
All of them.
Luckily it's just four this week.

11:15 AM - After reading, I convince Olivia to get dressed for the day.
We brush our teeth, fix our hair (sometimes), and make the beds.

11:45 AM - I start lunch and laundry while playing miscellaneous
games with Olivia.

1:00 PM - Eat lunch.

1:30 PM - I let Olivia lay down on the couch to watch a movie
(Peter Pan)
and hope and pray that she falls asleep.
It didn't work. I think she's starting to give up naps. 
Lord, help me.

2:00 PM - Clean up again. 
Wash dishes from lunch, wipe table, quick sweep through of the main rooms.

2:30 PM - I drop Olivia off at Luis's office so that I can go to my Dr. appointment.
Normally, I make the appointments while she's at school
but this one had to be rescheduled.
And luckily Luis wasn't too busy and could keep.
3 year olds and gynos offices aren't a great combo.

3:30 PM - I pick up Olivia's allergy meds from the local pharmacy
and pick her back up from Luis.

4:00 PM - As soon as we're home she wants to play 
the memory game again.
So we do.

4:45 PM - More laundry. 
Livi helps me sort and throw in the washer.

5:00 PM - I start dinner.
At this point Olivia is starting to act tired since she didn't nap,
but if I let her go to sleep, she'll be up all night.
So I ask her to "help" me. 
She washes the potatoes and zucchini for me
and helps wash the dishes we're already finished with.

6:00 PM - Luis gets home and we eat.

6:20 PM - Dinner clean up. 
Wash remaining dishes, wipe down table, etc.

6:45 PM - I decided to clean the bathroom real quick 
and then play with Luis and Olivia.
This usually consists of wrestling and tickling matches 
between them while Olivia yells, "Mom, help!"
and I convince him to go easy on her.

7:30 PM - Bath time for Livi.
Vitamins and probiotics are also given during this time.

8:00 PM - Olivia puts on her pajamas, we set out clothes for school,
she brushes her teeth and hair.

8:10 PM - We lay in her bed and read the story 
of her choice while she drinks a small cup of chocolate milk.
(Her allergy meds are mixed in there, but shh, don't tell her.)
I lay with her until she falls asleep.

8:15 PM - I finish up whatever laundry needs to be folded or hung.

8:30 PM - I shower and change.

9:00 PM - Luis and I watch a movie together.
Sometimes we watch TV shows, or look on the internet together.
We're lame, what can I say.

10:30 PM - Movie is over and I go to bed.
Every once in a while, I'll wait up for Luis,
but he's way more of a night owl than me and I just end up falling asleep on the couch.

So that's it. My life with only one child. 
Not gonna lie,
I kind of feel a panic attack coming on when I think
about fitting diaper changes and 2 hour feedings into that.
But we'll figure it out. :)

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