Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

We started off Thursday morning with Cinnamon Roll Waffles
that I had found on Pinterest.
Basically, you buy a can of cinnamon rolls,
put a few in the waffle maker together,
and BAM!
They were delicious.

I set out the gifts for Livi and Luis before waking them up.
Olivia got a book, pajamas, a new shirt,
and body spray because she's been wanting 
perfume like mama. :)
Luis's isn't pictured, 
but I just got him a shirt from Gap 
and a super cheesy, romantic card. Ha.

We met Ashlyn, Isaiah, and Zaiden at McDonald's for lunch.
Talk about a classy V-day ;)
The kids got to play and eat, so of course they enjoyed it.

Olivia and I got to accompany Luis on some work errands in the afternoon.
I noticed everyone on Instagram and Facebook posting their daughters' 
Valentine's outfits.
Olivia's looks NOTHING like theirs. Haha.
No tutus and frills in this house.

Olivia wore her new pajamas to bed.
She really did not want me to take a picture though.

 Luis and I rarely do fancy Valentine's dates.
This year, we decided on a breakfast date while Olivia was at school.

Just for my own records, our previous dates have been:
2007- just exchanging gifts.
2008- Dinner at Kona Grill.
2009- Dinner at the hospital cafeteria while visiting Luis's grandma.
2010- Dinner at Cafe Annice with little baby Livi.
2011- Dinner at Kona Grill again.
2012- Made dinner together at home.


Brittany Holden said...

Let's see...
2007: Arron put lilies and Hershey's kisses all over my car.
2008: Arron made breakfast for me at my parents' house and gave me a huge bear.
2009: Arron was in Korea.
2010: We had just gotten to Italy so Arron bought me some roses and we went to a champagne brunch on base... way overpriced!
2011: Dinner at BierEngel's (pronounced Beer-Angels) in Aviano, a German place known for its beer.
2012: Dinner at BierEngel's again
2013: Dinner at Saltgrass. We both forgot to buy cards too. Ha!


Brittnee said...

Haha, yours are way more interesting than mine! :)