Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leija Littles

{ Olivia }

1. She says "I love you" a million times a day.
I absolutely love this about her.
In the car or just randomly while running up to give us a hug.
Makes me so happy every time.
2. We went to the doctor last week and 
she's currently 31.5 pounds.
3. Olivia is totally addicted to donut holes. 
She got spoiled because Isaiah will usually bring 
her some before school on the days I drop him off
and now she wants them pretty much every day.
4. She loves to fake burp.
5. I feel like she's throwing less tantrums lately.
But the ones she does throw. Oh. My. Gosh.
They're insane.

{ Lola }

1. I'm currently 38 weeks and 4 days.
2. Lola is taking her sweet time. 
Not really, I know realistically she could go 
up to 42 weeks,
but having Livi at 38 weeks kind of put in the back
of my mind that it would be then.
3. She cries wolf pretty much every night.
I have contractions 
(not super close by any means) 
but consistently for hours and then I go to bed 
and nothing.
4. I've had less of an appetite lately.
I remember feeling that way with Olivia towards the end,
so hopefully it's a good sign.
5. We are just so excited to meet her. 
I can't wait to smell her little newborn smell
and feel her soft fuzzy hair. Ahhh.

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