Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meet Lola!

My labor with Lola is still kind of
surreal to me.
My active labor was extremely short,
but I was in early labor for a long time without
realizing it.

I was having irregular contractions for days.
They started out as just tightening, 
but gradually got stronger.
Finally, on Sunday morning,
they were ranging from 3-8 minutes
and hurting pretty badly.
I knew they were supposed to be regular,
and they would be for an hour or more
at a time,
and then they would become irregular again.
We decided to go to the hospital on Sunday around 11am.
They checked me 
and hooked me up to the monitor to watch
my contractions for an hour.
I was dilated to a 3, spotting,
but the contractions were still irregular,
ranging from 3-8 minutes,
so they sent us home.
I was extremely frustrated. 
I figured if that wasn't labor, then I wouldn't know
what it felt like once it actually hit.
We came home and ate and then 
decided to go walking.
We walked for an hour and my contractions stayed
3 minutes apart the whole time.
And then they started going up to ten minutes 
at some points again.
We popped in a Stoffer's lasagna for dinner
and put on the TV and just decided to wait it out.
My contractions were getting more and more painful,
but still never regular.
I fell asleep around 11 and was able to get a little
sleep before the contractions woke me up at 2 something 
in the morning.
I kept timing them.
Still ranging anywhere from 3 minutes to 10.
But they were so painful I had to get out of bed and walk
through them.
At 4, I finally woke up Luis.
He sat with me as I cried for a little bit,
more out of frustration that they wouldn't get regular
than pain, although the pain was bad!
My bleeding was getting worse, so around 5 
I decided we needed to go back to the hospital.
We took Olivia next door and called my mom 
so she could meet us there.
Once at the hospital, around 5:45,
they checked me again (a 4 now) and admitted me.
My contractions were still very irregular,
but getting more and more painful,
so much so I was moaning through them and had to curl up
on my side.
Around 7, maybe a little after,
my doctor came in to check me again (a 5)
and broke my water.
Contractions got even worse after that,
I was pretty zoned out. 
At one point I heard the nurses say I was an 8.
That's when I realized I had no choice but
to go through with the natural birth I wanted.
Finally, I started to get the urge to push.
I remember telling the nurse, 
"I feel like I need to push, but I don't want to be checked
again." Haha. I hated being on my back when they 
were checking me.
(Why, oh why, aren't hospitals more open to 
different birthing positions? Geez.)
I kept getting the urge to push,
so they finally convinced me to let them check me.
I was pretty much a 10,
but had a slight cervical lip.
They gave it a little more time,
checked me again, still had the lip,
so my doctor decided to push it back and for me to start pushing.

I should probably mention that Olivia was at the hospital with us
most of this time.
Erica dropped her off on her way to work at 7 
and she slept on the couch in the hospital room
up until it was time for me push,
then my sister took her to the waiting room.
I don't think anyone expected my labor to go so quickly.

After 10 minutes of the most pain I've ever been through in my life,
Lola Violet Leija entered the world
at 9:06am on March 25th, 2013.
She didn't cry right away, just kind of gargled.
I remember asking, "is she ok?"
And Luis told me she was just being cleaned up.
She finally cried and I finally got to see her.
She was huge!
I was in shock watching her get weighed.
8 pounds 5 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long.
(Olivia was 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 in,
so Lola is a much bigger baby!)
One of the first things I said was,
"She looks so much like Olivia!"
She really does, a chunkier version.

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