Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Leija Littles

{ Olivia }

1. She's getting the cutest little tan lines
on her feet from her sandals.
2. Her favorite song right now is the one 
that goes, "I don't care.
I love it."
No idea what it's called, 
but she sings it all the time.
3. She can count to six in Spanish.
4. She's currently obsessed with temporary tattoos.
5. She's seriously the sweetest kid in the world.
I can't even count how many
times during the day that she tells me
she loves me.

{ Lola }

1. I'm pretty sure Lola loves Olivia already.
She gives Livi her complete attention.
2. According to our scale, 
she's a little over 12 pounds.
3. Her finger nails grow so fast!
I can't remember if Olivia's grew this fast
or not, but geez!
4. Her little arms are starting to get so chubby.
I love it.
5. She got her first little sunburn on 
her face this past weekend.
Poor baby was in the shade the entire time,
but I still felt horrible!

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