Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Leija Littles

{ Olivia }

1. She cried when Lola got her first shot today.
She said, "You're mean, mom! 
I told you she wouldn't like it! I told you!"
2. She loves her cousins so much and is always
asking to hang out with them.
3. She likes me to do the "twisty thing" to her hair.
Aka- braid it.
4. She's sad about having to be in a new class next year.
She really loved her teachers in the 2s class.
5. It totally trips me out that she doesn't
need to drink from a sippy cup anymore.
(Although she still does at home.)

{ Lola }

1. Lola had her two month check up today.
She's currently 12 pounds and 5 oz
and 23 inches long.
2. Her doctor seems to think her colored eyes
are here to stay.
3. She has one 5 hour stretch pretty much every night now.
4. She LOVES her daddy!
She gives him the biggest smiles.
5. She loves to look at trees outside.

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