Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Leija Littles

{ Olivia }

1. She's been watching a ton of Power Rangers lately,
which thrills Luis.
2. This past weekend I was telling her to get off the trampoline
and her reply was,
"I can't! My legs are going crazy!"
3. Poor baby wants to spend more time outside,
but the mosquitos and other bugs have been just awful.
4. I'm dealing with Mastitis at the moment
and she has been so great about letting me rest.
5. She dresses herself practically every day now.

{ Lola }

1. We bought her size 6 months dresses this past weekend.
I didn't think they would fit well yet, but they're perfect.
2. She loves looking at her toes when I 
pick up her legs.
3. She's approximately 14 pounds, according to our home scale.
4. She's the best baby when we're out and about.
It makes our never-home lifestyle
much more enjoyable.
5. She's been sleeping a whole lot the last few days.
I'm thinking we're in the middle of a growth spurt. 

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