Monday, June 3, 2013

Pieces of our weekend.

We had a nice laid back weekend. 
Sometimes it's fun to not have plans and just see what happens.

^^ Trimmed my own hair on Saturday morning. ^^

We went to Ikea for the first time.
I had nooo idea what we were in for.
Seriously, that place is exhausting.
But we left with tons of new ideas for the house
and a few goodies.

After, Ikea we realized we were near a restaurant we had
been wanting to try called Jus' Mac.
They serve specialty macaroni and cheese,
so we just knew Olivia would love it.
Oh well. Luis and I were very impressed.

^^We had the Downtown splash pad to ourselves Saturday evening.^^

On Sunday, we went to the beach for a while.
Olivia and Luis got in the water for a bit
and then we went searching for shells.

^^ My girls all clean after the beach.^^

^^ Lola's new favorite activity is chewing on her fingers. ^^

^^ Pretty irises for the dining room table. ^^

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