Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lola: 4 Months

My little baby is getting so big.
I can't even take it.
The last 4 months have been the absolute best of my life.

Everyone falls in love with Lola.
You can't not love her.
She really is the best baby in the world.

While on vacation,
we went to the river for up to 5 hours at a time
and she would just sit in our 
laps and chill.

She is currently 15 lbs 2 oz
and is 25 inches long.

Her eyes are a beautiful blue-green
and her pediatrician says that it is 
rare for them to change after this point.

She is still exclusively breast fed
and we don't plan on introducing solids
until around 6 months.
I love that my body has grown her 
for the past 13 months.

She's not rolling over yet, 
but I don't think it'll be long.
I should probably put her on her belly more
but she doesn't like it very much.

She still sleeps in the bassinet beside me.
It says up to 5 months, 
but I think I'll stretch it longer.
I'm not ready for her to sleep away from me yet.

I can't imagine life without my Lola.
She is a dream come true.
I love my little chubs so much.

^^ I had to include this picture of Olivia. She was jealous because I was only taking pictures of Lola. ^^

Leija Littles

{ Olivia }

1. We met Cherish and Cam for Sno Cones today,
or as Olivia calls them "Ice Cones."
2. We were on vacation all last week and she got the best tan!
3. She is my little river rat.
She loved being in the water and is swimming so well.
4. Her voice when she talks to Lola is the cutest thing ever.
5. She is such a brave little girl.
While on vacation, she sang karaoke (Barbie Girl) in front of 
at least 50 people.

{ Lola }

1. Lola is the best little travel baby ever.
2. Seriously, she rarely got upset the entire trip.
3. She got a little bit of a sunburn on her cheeks last week,
but it cleared up after a day or two.
4. She got half of her 4 month shots yesterday
and I had to give her tylenol for the first time.
Ugh. My poop baby.
5. She finally has shoes that fit! 
Infant shoes are so weird and are usually huge or
way too wide.
But these little sandals fit just perfectly.

Zaiden's 2nd birthday!

Please excuse me while I catch up a bit.
The weekend before this past one,
we celebrated our little nephew, Zaiden's, 2nd birthday
with a Spongebob theme.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random blabbering.

This is going to be an extremely corny post,
but I'm extremely corny, so eh.
I feel like this summer is all about change and growth.

This is my first summer as a mother of two.
That alone as pushed me and molded me into a different person.
When you have a baby, you don't think you can possibly ever love
anyone the way you love that little person.
And then you have another and your love just doubles.
As a mother of two, you have less time for yourself,
so you want to make the time you do have things you really enjoy.

I started painting our house.
All white.
I never in a million years would have thought I'd want all white walls,
but it's therapeutic, really. 
Starting fresh, the cleanliness of it all, the brightness,
the walls just make me so happy to be in my home everyday.
I've been going room by room and painting, purging,
and decorating.
That's another thing. 
Getting rid of all the clutter and junk is so freeing.
I'm no where close to finished and it already feels so good.
We're trying hard to teach ourselves to live more minimalistic.
We want our children to want experiences and memories-
not toys and other junk.

They're so hard to come by and keep as an adult,
especially as a mother.
And for the first time in my life, 
I'm able to choose all the people I spend my time with.
I'm not forced to hang out with anyone because of classes
or work schedules.
And I'm finding more and more that the people I want to see
are the ones that were there the whole time.

Maybe it's an age thing,
but I feel comfortable with who I am.
My sometimes ridiculous fashion choices,
my not so tight skin on my belly,
the direction I want our family to go, 
my life choices as a whole, etc.
I'm confident in all of it and I love who I am.

And the thing I am most grateful for is my relationship with Luis.
It hasn't always been sunshine and roses for us.
We've worked extremely hard to get to where we are.
It took a lot of time and a lot of patience and trust.
But I'm so happy with the outcome.
I don't believe in soul mates, exactly.
But I believe that we're pretty perfect for each other.

This life is so beautiful.
Sure there are bad days.
Luis and I argue, 
Olivia sometimes makes me want to 
pull out my hair.
But the good is so so good
and that's what I'm going to focus on.
I've felt a shift this summer and I love it.

Leija Littles

{ Olivia }

1. She came out of her room wearing this outfit
and said
"Mom, is this stylish?"
Gosh, I love her.
2. She asks me every morning,
"Where are we going today?"
Just staying home isn't really an option for her.
3. She went to the circus with her cousins the other
day for the first time.
4. She's doing a great job doing her chores in the evenings.
5. The other day she threw a big fit in Target and got in trouble.
On the way home, Luis was telling her she can't act like that 
any more and she replied, 
"I can work with that."

{ Lola }

1. No rolling over yet,
but she's come close a few times.
2. She's a drooling mess lately.
Hopefully teeth with hold off for a couple more months!
3. She is so stinky!
I think it's just a mixture of milk and sweat.
Poor baby sweats just like her daddy. ;)
4. She seems to have discovered her tongue
and is always moving it around in her mouth.
5. She loves kissy noises and will laugh so hard 
when we make them.

Anniversary Week

Last week was our anniversary week.
On Tuesday, we celebrated being together for 7 years.
Seven years!! 
I just can't even believe it.
And on Friday, we celebrated one year of marriage
by attending a John Mayer concert.
(Best date ever, right?)
I've always said that marriage wouldn't change anything 
for us, that we were already a family.
Which, I mean, we basically were.
We lived together, had Livi, etc.
But our married year has definitely been the best 
year of our relationship.

I love this man so much. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Some things never change.

Oh, how I missed these girls. 
And we may just be the dumbest adults ever.