Friday, August 30, 2013


^^Olivia made her Tio Jose's birthday cake.^^

^^Meet the teacher.^^

^^Trying on new school clothes.^^

^^Got an Ergo! My life just got 10x easier.^^

^^Mammaw and Pappy celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!^^

^^Sitting up on her own!^^

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Britt Can't Quit:

Listening to this song by Jason Mraz

Love songs rarely move me the way they used to.
Maybe it's because Luis and I have been together so long now,
or that I'm no longer a super emotional teenager.
Whatever the case may be,
every time I hear this song I get instant chills.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leija Littles

{ Olivia }

1. Olivia has become the designated family cake maker 
for birthdays and holidays.
She definitely doesn't mind the job.
2. She loves to wear my lipstick 
and is always asking me to put it on her.
3. We had an episode last week when the ballet
flats that I ordered her were too small.
You would have thought the world was coming to an end.
I finally convinced her to send them back for the right size.
4. She told me last night that she wants a baby
so that she can pump like me.
5. She's learned to make the clucking sound with
her tongue and does it all day long.

{ Lola }

1. I cannot stand bibs,
but Lola is drooling so much lately that they're necessary.
2. She had a blow out the other day while we were out
so I had to go buy her a new shirt.
I bought 6-9 months thinking she could grow into it
but it fits perfectly.
She's getting way too big way too fast.
3. I have such a hard time finding shoes that fit her.
Not that she really needs any yet.
4. She grabs everything within reach.
5. Her hair seems to be getting a little bit thicker since 
my failed attempt of getting out cradle cap.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Lola: 5 months

I can't believe Lola has been a part of our family
for 5 months now.
But I also can't believe that there ever was
a time that she wasn't.

Lola is still the most laid back baby ever.
She goes along with whatever we're doing
with hardly a peep.

She is so in love with Olivia.
She will laugh and laugh at her sister.
Seriously, watching your kids interact has to be
the best feeling ever as a parent.
I can't wait to see them become best friends.

She still only has breast milk,
but I'm looking forward to mostly likely 
starting solids next month.

I think she'll do things a little earlier than Olivia did.
She's already close to sitting unassisted. 
And she can scoot in a circle when on her belly 
on the floor.

She's currently wearing size 6-9 month clothing
and still in size 2 diapers.
Though I'll probably be upping those soon.

We love this sweet little baby so much.
We're so lucky she's ours.


Saturday morning we had brunch with friends
and then headed to another friend's benefit at the park.
Luis ended up buying a teepee from the auction.
I'll have to get some pictures of it.
We didn't stay too terribly long because it was ridiculously hot.
Olivia wanted a milk shake after and
I'm not one to say no to Red Top,
so there were milk shakes all around. 
Luis and I decided to cook together at home
(my favorite!)
and Olivia and I painted pictures for her friends.

After bath time and the girls went to bed,
Luis and I stayed up watching Lovelace.
I didn't think I would like it, 
but it was really good!

Sunday Olivia and I made brunch and
Maria and Jose joined us.
We watched movies at home, 
made a short trip to Lowes,
and ended the night watching Breaking Bad
with Charles and Danielle and baby Liam.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

20 things

^^ Awkward mirror selfie^^

Reminiscing about the old Myspace
so here's a list of 20 random things about me. Ha.

1. I prefer veggies over fruit.
I like pretty much all of them except onions.
2. My last name is still legally Thomas.
Maybe on day I'll get around to changing it.
3. I feel naked without lipstick.
4. I listen to "grandma" music all the time.
Or country.
5. My favorite color by far is grey. 
And white. And black.
I just love neutrals.
6. My grandma recently told me that we're
distantly related to the Royal family.
I'm kind of thinking that most white people 
are though, right?
7. I knew without a doubt that both of
my kids were going to be girls.
8. Luis is the only guy I've ever kissed.
I'm pretty proud of that.
9. I lost 30 pounds after high school.
I've gained about 15 of that back.
10. We want four kids.
11. I'm kind of crazy about car seat safety
and am always adjusting the girls' straps.
12. I prefer to be barefoot and usually
walk around with extremely dirty feet.
No shame in my game.
13. My proudest parenting accomplishment has
been breastfeeding Lola for the past 5 months.
14. I've always been the "oddball"
in my family.
15. I wish I had more freckles.
16. Much to Luis's disappointment,
I just can't get into football.
Not my thing.
17. I really only enjoy cooking breakfast.
There's something really special 
to me about enjoying breakfast together
as a family on the weekends. 
18. I never keep my resolutions.
19. I want a half sleeve and plan on starting 
it once I'm no longer breastfeeding.
20. I want to have my next kid at 29.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Leija Littles

 { Olivia }

1. Her newest favorite ice cream is an Oreo milkshake.
We get one every Friday on our Red Top run.
2. She really likes to do crafty stuff.
A lot of times I just have to bite my tongue and let her go at it.
3. She finally settled on a theme for her birthday.
We're going with a Garden Party and
I'm so excited to plan it and see it come together.
4. I've created a monster when it comes to online shopping.
Olivia always asks me if we can look for shirts for her.
5. We had a hard time finding school shoes for her.
Why must girl shoes be so corny?
I finally found a pair of ballet flats online that I'm satisfied with
even though they were pretty pricey.
I may even order her another pair as a birthday gift.

{ Lola }

1. She's so so close to sitting completely unassisted.
She'll sit for probably 30 seconds or so on her own before she
starts falling toward one side.
2. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before,
but she is such a sweaty little baby.
3. All that sweat makes for a stinky little girl.
Seriously, she smells pretty sour most days.
Poor baby.
4. I was looking at older pictures of her the other day and
was blown away by how much hair she has lost.
I couldn't put a bow on that girl if I wanted to.
5. She's doing so much baby talk,
but we've noticed it always means she's hungry.
I guess that's her way of trying to let us know?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Britt Can't Quit:

Britt Can't Quit: Shopping for girl clothes.

Most people know I have a very particular way of dressing the girls.
And while I sometimes buy some crazy things on impulse,
there are a few things that are off limits.
No cartoon characters except for special occasions. 
(I bought Olivia a Belle shirt for her Beauty and the Beast party.)
No tutus or pink sparkles.
No corny graphic tees.
Basically, I put them in clothes that I would like to wear.
I'm not ashamed to say that I return some gifts
and even donate others.
Sometimes I only let Olivia use items for dress up.

I'm not evil, I swear.
As Olivia gets older, I'm learning that I have to compromise 
with her a little bit.
Her style is not necessarily my style.
She prefers dresses, so I've taken that into consideration
when shopping for her new school clothes.
I also let her look with me online and she picks out things
that she loves.
Just for fun, I've picked a few of my favorite outfits 
of Olivia's from the past.
And even threw in a couple favorites of Lola as well.

My absolute favorite outfit in the world for Olivia
is skinny jeans, moccasins, and a messy bun.
Shopping for girls is so much more fun when you don't buy 
all the same things everyone else is buying.
People think I'm crazy when I say it's harder to shop for a girl than a boy,
but it's so true!
At least for me.
Everyone seems to be on the same page with boys, for the most part.
They want them all to look like little men.
But it also seems like everyone wants little girls to look like baby dolls.

If you're ever in the market for some super cute girl clothes,
check out Zara.
It's by far my favorite place to shop for the girls.