Wednesday, August 21, 2013

20 things

^^ Awkward mirror selfie^^

Reminiscing about the old Myspace
so here's a list of 20 random things about me. Ha.

1. I prefer veggies over fruit.
I like pretty much all of them except onions.
2. My last name is still legally Thomas.
Maybe on day I'll get around to changing it.
3. I feel naked without lipstick.
4. I listen to "grandma" music all the time.
Or country.
5. My favorite color by far is grey. 
And white. And black.
I just love neutrals.
6. My grandma recently told me that we're
distantly related to the Royal family.
I'm kind of thinking that most white people 
are though, right?
7. I knew without a doubt that both of
my kids were going to be girls.
8. Luis is the only guy I've ever kissed.
I'm pretty proud of that.
9. I lost 30 pounds after high school.
I've gained about 15 of that back.
10. We want four kids.
11. I'm kind of crazy about car seat safety
and am always adjusting the girls' straps.
12. I prefer to be barefoot and usually
walk around with extremely dirty feet.
No shame in my game.
13. My proudest parenting accomplishment has
been breastfeeding Lola for the past 5 months.
14. I've always been the "oddball"
in my family.
15. I wish I had more freckles.
16. Much to Luis's disappointment,
I just can't get into football.
Not my thing.
17. I really only enjoy cooking breakfast.
There's something really special 
to me about enjoying breakfast together
as a family on the weekends. 
18. I never keep my resolutions.
19. I want a half sleeve and plan on starting 
it once I'm no longer breastfeeding.
20. I want to have my next kid at 29.

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