Thursday, August 8, 2013

Corny Stuff

While looking for a throwback Thursday photo for Instagram,
I stumbled upon this gem. 
17 years old.
This is the summer that changed my life.
And oh was it good.
Faling in love for the first time and
watching all my best friends fall in love at the same time.

I'm lucky.
I know this.
I married my first boyfriend
and we have two beautiful little girls together.
I only have 1 baby daddy, people!
That's a rare thing in these parts. ;)
Not only are we married,
but happily married.
We're weird,
we get each other,
we're best friends. For real.

That's what it's all about, right?
Finding someone you can't live without.
Having a family.
Just being together.

I hate bragging because I feel that
happy couples don't need to flaunt their relationship.
(Amen or amen?)
But geez,
I just can't get over how perfect things turned out.
Maybe I'm still on a new baby high or something,
but if that's the case,
I don't want it to end.

1 comment:

ashlyn.tml said...

I thought I was your best friend.... 😩
Jk ;)