Friday, August 2, 2013

Leija Summer Vacation!

Last week we had our family vacation.
We decided on Concan on the Frio River this year.
We went two years ago and LOVED it,
so this year we made a whole week out of it.

We left Sunday morning for the 5ish hour drive.
Our first stop was Walmart to stock up on all the groceries 
we would need for the week.
(We ended up way underestimating out much
junk food 20 people would eat because
we had to make two more trips to Walmart before the week 
was over!)

We hung out in our house swimming pool and unpacked.


We went to an area of the river near our house
and found the perfect little spot to hang out.
It became "our" spot for the rest of the week.
That evening we had a movie night
and watched a scary movie as a group.


Once again, on Tuesday, we went back to our 
spot on the river.
We had to make another Walmart run that day
and ended up making a quick stop at a little Dairy Queen
on the way ;)

I wanna take a quick second to brag on Lola.
Even though she's crying in the pic above,
she was such a trooper on the river.
We were out there for up to five hours 
at a time and she would just sit in our laps and
be the best little baby.
She was a little over tired in that picture,
otherwise, she did amazing!


Another day on the river.
On this day,
Maria watched Lola for a while so that Luis and
I could both hang out with Olivia.
We floated down the river some ways
to where people were jumping off a rope swing
into the water.
I loved having that time alone with her.
That's also the day Lola and I got a little sunburnt.
Oh, the problems of us pale white girls. 

^^ Our group picture. Even though it can be hectic at times, I love that I married into a large family. And hope to create the same for ourselves someday. ^^

Wednesday night we went to a restaurant near our house
for appetizers and karaoke.
Of course my little star, Olivia, wanted to perform.
They didn't have a lot of the songs she wanted,
but finally they had Barbie Girl.
I was so stinking proud of her.
She was born to be a performer.


We had a low key day at the house and 
another run to Walmart.
While on our Walmart trip,
we ended up stopping at a hunting store
and eating at their restaurant inside.
That evening we just cooked outside
and sat around and talked.


We started the morning off right.
Luis and I headed to a little pie stand we had 
been seeing first thing in the morning
and took a pie back for us all to share.
Seriously, a pie stand is a genius idea.

Friday was our Garner State Park day.
We went two years ago also and had a lot of fun.
Olivia loved it this year since she's able to swim,
with a life jacket, of course.


We had planned to go to Fredricksburg for the day,
but for whatever reason, that didn't happen.
It was ok though, we took a super scenic route 
through the hills. 
(They're mountains to us flatlanders.)
We almost ran out of gas while we were way up there
and I couldn't fully enjoy the view because I was freaking out,
but it was still a lot of fun.
We picked up some BBQ from a little stand on the way back
to the house.
Concan and these stands. I love it.
And we ended the night with smores around the fire.


We were all up, packed, and headed home early.
I could not believe how fast the week went. 
We all had so much fun.
Can't wait for next years' vacation!

** I can't believe I never once pulled out my real camera. Oh well. **

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