Monday, August 26, 2013

Lola: 5 months

I can't believe Lola has been a part of our family
for 5 months now.
But I also can't believe that there ever was
a time that she wasn't.

Lola is still the most laid back baby ever.
She goes along with whatever we're doing
with hardly a peep.

She is so in love with Olivia.
She will laugh and laugh at her sister.
Seriously, watching your kids interact has to be
the best feeling ever as a parent.
I can't wait to see them become best friends.

She still only has breast milk,
but I'm looking forward to mostly likely 
starting solids next month.

I think she'll do things a little earlier than Olivia did.
She's already close to sitting unassisted. 
And she can scoot in a circle when on her belly 
on the floor.

She's currently wearing size 6-9 month clothing
and still in size 2 diapers.
Though I'll probably be upping those soon.

We love this sweet little baby so much.
We're so lucky she's ours.

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