Monday, August 26, 2013


Saturday morning we had brunch with friends
and then headed to another friend's benefit at the park.
Luis ended up buying a teepee from the auction.
I'll have to get some pictures of it.
We didn't stay too terribly long because it was ridiculously hot.
Olivia wanted a milk shake after and
I'm not one to say no to Red Top,
so there were milk shakes all around. 
Luis and I decided to cook together at home
(my favorite!)
and Olivia and I painted pictures for her friends.

After bath time and the girls went to bed,
Luis and I stayed up watching Lovelace.
I didn't think I would like it, 
but it was really good!

Sunday Olivia and I made brunch and
Maria and Jose joined us.
We watched movies at home, 
made a short trip to Lowes,
and ended the night watching Breaking Bad
with Charles and Danielle and baby Liam.

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