Monday, September 30, 2013

Day date and a few links

Luis and I got a last minute little date in on Saturday.
Our first in 3 months! 
And only second since having Lola.

Maria had planned on taking Olivia with her to a birthday party,
but offered to take Lola too.
At first I said no.
(I'm not very good at being away from my kids.)
But I thought about it some more and 
figured Luis and I could use the alone time,
so I told her yes.
It was only about 4 hours,
but it was so good to spend some time with my husband.

We listened to new Blue October,
ate at one of our favorite Tex Mex spots,
tried out the new pie place in the mall,
and did a little shopping for the girls.
I'm sure it'll probably be a while until I'm ready 
to be away from both of the girls again,
so this time was much appreciated by both of us.

^^New birthday TOMS^^

 ^^Ugly face, yummy pie^^

^^Scored these jeans for Livi for just 3 bucks!^^

And some links I've enjoyed lately:

Have you seen Bat Dad? This would so be me if I were a dad.

This post from thelittlestblog is pretty eye opening. 
I'm sure we can all be a little more present with
our kiddos.

Do you crossfit? This article freaks me out. 
I'm not much of an exerciser,
but I know plenty of people that really enjoy crossfit.

My friend Danielle posted baby Liam's birth story. 
I wish I had had the courage to do a natural birth
my first time!

I've been eyeing this cardigan for Olivia for quite some time.
I'll definitely be purchasing it for her birthday.

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Danielle Robbins said...

Aww, my birth story! Love this. I honestly wouldn't have been able to do a natural birth if it weren't for you! :) Everyone else doubted me!

Oh, and Bat Dad is probably the funniest video I've ever seen in a while!