Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Leija Littles

{ Olivia }

1. I love how one eye gets all squinty when she
smiles really big.
2. We went to the Disney store this past weekend
and she was in little girl heaven.
3. She still has one lingering baby phrase:
when she wants us to carry her.
I know I should be trying to correct it,
but I'm loving that one bit of baby Livi 
that's still there.
4. We're working on eating better as an entire family.
I really feel that the fact that we've let so much 
junk food creep into Olivia's eating habits that it has
 directly effected her behavior as of late.
5. I caught her watching a real ballet on Netflix yesterday.
I'm trying to convince Luis we need to take her soon.
She is obsessed with ballet.

{ Lola }

1. I can feel her bottom teeth right under the surface.
Poor baby must be in so much pain.
Hopefully they pop through soon so she can have some relief.
2. Because of the teeth, 
she's always chewing on something.
Her hand, teething toys,
even her lower lip.
3. Her hair is finally growing in thicker
and I'm starting to see a little bit of a curl to it again.
I really hope it ends up curly like Luis's!
4. Her strawberry birth mark is starting to lighten up.
5. She'll be 6 months tomorrow,
but I still don't feel as though she's quite ready
for any kind of food yet.
She's obviously thriving on breast milk alone,
so I'm in no rush.

On Olivia: Shirt- Zara  Leggings: Zara  2012
Shoes: Yosi Samra

On Lola: Hat- Old Navy 2012
Shirt- Carter's  Leggings- Target

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