Monday, September 23, 2013

Twenty Five

This past Wednesday was my 25th birthday.
That's one of those ages you look at as a 
little kid or teenager and think,
"Wow, that's so old..."
And then you're twenty five and
you still feel like a kid at heart. ;)

We kept it simple for my birthday,
which is exactly what I wanted.
We went to dinner at Wayside Pub
and Luis invited Maria and Jose to join us.
We picked up milkshakes afterwards
and the girls went to bed early.

On Saturday, Luis wanted to take me
shopping at the Galleria.
The original plan was for it to be just the two of us,
but I talked him into taking the girls too, haha.
What can I say, I love my babies.
We enjoyed the Cheesecake Factory for lunch
before heading home to hang out with friends.

Another awesome birthday with my
favorite people in the entire world.
So thankful. 

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