Sunday, October 20, 2013

Forth Worth

We spent late Friday night and Saturday morning
at Brittany's beautiful home in Fort Worth.
We went to breakfast at one of their local cafes,
Ginger Brown's.
The food was delicious, 
but I think I'm still recovering from a sugar coma.
Not to mention, the 18 cinnamon rolls
we brought home with us.
What were we thinking?

Our stop this time around was Cooper Farms.
They had lots of homemade pies and pastries,
jellies, organic produce, etc.
For $5, Olivia was able to fill a little bag
with gourds of her choice.

It was a nice trip,
but I would rather not spend that 
much time in the car with two kiddos again
for quite a while!


1 comment:

Brittany Holden said...

Pais-a-ley and I enjoyed having y'all!! ;)