Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Four Simple Goals

A Beautiful Mess posted their Four Simple Goals and I just love the idea!

1. Eat something green every day. I stole this one straight from them,
but it's such a good one. That one simple push to eat a little better
every single day.

2. Read more. I'm getting better at this. It really helps that
my sister in law asked me to join her book club. That gives me a
little extra push. I don't just want to read for myself though,
I want to spend more time reading to the girls.
We used to be so good about nightly story time and I'd love to get 
back to that.

3. Less TV; more music. This one kind of speaks for itself.
I'm sure we can all benefit from less TV.

4. Have date nights with my husband. Or date days. 
Either or. I just really miss having that time together.
It's hard with kids. Especially one thats food source comes 
directly from me, but to have a little romance in our lives will be totally
worth it.

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