Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leija Littles

{ Olivia }

1. Since we're trying to get back to our old eating habits,
I've been taking a banana and milk with me when I pick her up from school.
She's always so hungry that she eats with no complaints.
2. Speaking of milk,
she hasn't had chocolate milk in over a week.
We ran out of ovaltine, so I've just been giving her white milk.
That is a huge deal for her!
3. On Fridays she's been taking a lunch and staying for 
Stay N Play at school.
I usually put one Hershey's Kiss in her lunch box.
I'm a sucker for that girl.
4. Little Pawpaw (aka my dad) has moved back finally!
Olivia is thrilled to be spending more time with him 
and it makes me so happy to see him doing the things with
her that he used to do with me.
5. I do this weird "French" laugh,
(I'm weird, don't judge me,)
and it annoys Luis and Olivia so much!
But it just cracks me up, so I keep on doing it.

{ Lola }

1. Her tooth is so close to the surface that you can see it!
It still hasn't broken through though and you can 
tell it's really bugging her.
2. We tried some pureed carrots last week just 
to get an idea on where she is with her tongue reflex.
She HATED them.
We decided we'll try weekly for now,
that way it doesn't feel as though we're forcing food on her.
Mama's milk is still plenty for the time being.
3. Little Pawpaw bought Lola her first tedding bear
this past weekend.
She loves it. Well, loves to chew on it.
4. She has figured out how to wave,
though she doesn't know what it means yet, obviously.
It's still so cute to see her doing it all day long.
5. She has also started saying something that sounds like 
"mama" when she's crying.
She doesn't understand, but it breaks my heart every time.

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Danielle Robbins said...

Hahahaha! The French laugh!