Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Leija Littles

{ Olivia }

1. She still HATES brushing her hair.
But I can't really blame her.
I rarely brush mine either. Ha.
2. She has started making this "scary" face
at us in hopes of scaring us,
but I can only ever laugh.
She seriously looks like an evil sewer rat
when she does it.
3. I love how easily she makes friends.
She has four little girlfriends at school that she
is always talking about.
4. We're trying to enforce less TV time at home
and she's doing a pretty good job.
She'll spend an hour or so at a time
playing in her toy room now.
That is HUGE for her.
She normally is stuck to my hip 24/7.
5. I've been trying to teach her some Spanish words,
but obviously she should be learning from Luis.
Who knows if I'm even pronouncing them 
exactly right.

{ Lola }

1. She has a tooth! 
It broke through last Thursday or Friday.
I think the second bottom one isn't far behind.
2. I know I said last week that she says "mama"
but doesn't really know what she's saying,
but I'm starting to think she does.
She does it every time I leave the room.
3. She is a pro at scooting.
She'll scoot off the rug in the living room 
to the hardwood floors
and then she really gets it since she slides so
much better on the wood.
4. She's outgrowing the one pair of shoes she has,
so I'll be needing to get her some more this weekend.
5. We've tried a few different food now
and she still has no interest.
She pushes her lips together
and throws her head back.

On Olivia: Shirt- Zara  
Pants- Old Navy  Shoes- TOMS

On Lola: Shirt- Carter's
Jeggings- Target  Shoes- Target

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