Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday morning thoughts.

It's very important to Luis and I that our children
know the importance of family.
Luis grew up extremely close to his siblings
and they still are.
It's exactly the kind of home life that I always wanted.
We both feel very strongly about modeling our family
in the same way.
God willing, we will have two more children someday,
and we want them to know that there is nothing that comes
before family.

I think Olivia gets it and that makes me so happy.
She is always talking about how much she loves Lola
and us, too, for that matter. 
I can't think of much more that I want for my children
than for them to have a strong relationship with each other.

On Olivia: Tee- Old Navy
Pants- JC Penney  Shoes- Yosi Samra

On Lola: Tee- American Apparel 
Tights- Zara  Shoes- Target

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